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midSIN measures the infectious dose in SIN


The infection concentration of a virus sample has traditionally been quantified in units of plaque or focus forming units (PFU or FFU) or 50% tissue culture or cell culture or egg infectious dose (TCID50, CCID50, EID50).

midSIN is a free, open-source tool which calculates the SIN concentration of a virus sample based on the results of performing an endpoint dilution (TCID50) assay. SIN which stands for Specific INfections, is meant to replace all existing units (PFU, FFU, TCID50, ...) as a more robust and accurate measure of a virus sample's infection concentration. A sample which contains 1 SIN/mL is expected to cause one infection per mL if the infection is conducted under the same conditions as the TCID50 assay (same cells, incubation time, etc.). See our (peer-reviewed, soon-to-be-published at PLOS Computational Biology) manuscript for details.

An example

Consider an example TCID50 assay on a 96-well plate with 11 different dilutions (D1 to D11), 8 repeats per dilution, and one column used for the virus-free control.